Ray Britton

Nuclear detonations website

About 15 years ago I watched this somewhat famous video for the first time, it depicts all the known nuclear detonations in the world from 1945 to 1998 and was created by Isao Hashimoto in 2003.
Since then North Korea has detonated several devices and I felt that a new version was need and ideally a version that can be kept up to date so I created detonations.app. It shows all the detonations from 1945 to 2019 (a total of 2057), it has optional sound and a controllable timeline.

The website was basically completed in 1 day with a few days extra for bug fixing and tweaking, however because the map projection I used bends the Earth repeatedly in multiple directions I had to manually plot every detonation - this took probably over 30 hours as I doing it in an very inefficient way.

The animation was created using javascript and the HTML canvas; I tried to keep the view and logic code separate but it didn't work as I didn't abstract the different layers enough.
Thanks to this website I was asked to create something similar which is being worked on currently, the new sites code is complete but we estimate it will take another few months of sporadic work to plot all the points, to help with this (as it's gone from 2057 to 5250 points) I created a private site called world plotter which is used by the other people working on the site to plot the points.

Before this site I was typing code in the console to draw points on the image then writing the correct x and y into a JSON file, it took roughly 1 or 2 minutes per point but with world plotter a point it takes roughly 20 seconds because now you just click on the map and then click save.